Does Your Indie Game Need A Press Kit?

January 19, 2020

What is a press kit?

First and foremost a press kit is a promotional resource for your game or company. The game scene has shifted over the last few years in such a way, that generating hype around a release or having a solid media strategy is not neglectable anymore.
You do want to communicate important facts with media outlets and journalists, this you can do through a press kit. A typically one-page document, containing contacts, details, events, products, promotions and other things that could be interesting to journalists. 

Why is a presskit important?

If you are inexperienced in marketing your game, you may wonder what the importance of a press kit is. The purpose of your kit should align with the marketing strategy for your business or game and will have as main goal to produce positive press for you.
That being said, the primary audience for your press kit will be journalists and media agencies, which are involved in the gaming industry, but also outsider may stumble over your game, if it reached a certain degree of fame.
A press kit helps you to gain the attention of journalists, that would otherwise not cover your game in an article. You want to make it as easy as possible for them, because if they have to do extensive research beforehand, your chances of being covered will decrease.
The more free media coverage you have, the more likely you may reach new customers and therefore downloads of your game.

A press kit is a great way of letting people know how to reach you, introduce your business, product or service or share your business story and facts. 

Optimize your kit towards the type of audience you want to reach. In this case  journalists in the gaming industry. Look at articles and what is covered in them and the predominant writing style.

What should be inside of my press kit?

1)  Introduction

Name of business and a description of what your business does, historical milestones, list of awards or recognition

2) Contact Information

Where your company is located, number of stores and offices, location of your headquater

3) Team Biographie

Team size, Highlight team members with importance to the success of the project, CEO/President/Founder biographies with headshot, interviews 

4) Branding Story

The story of your Business, where was it founded, what was created, when and by whom

5) Links

Website links to all your products, social media links and email, downloads to testdemo, download to logos (high resolution) and branding guide, downloads to music, videos or artwork that may be used

6) Revenue

Annual revenue, funding, downloads, clicks, followers on social media

7) Products

Type and number of products (we recommend linking to a seperate press kit for each product), platforms the games were released to, price of product, list of patents, product guide and samples, game credits

8) Media Mentions

links to past press releases or reviews. general information or details about specific events involving your company or products

9) Others

notable clients, list of clients, volume of customers, testimonials, FAQ (assume questions journalists could have)

Things to note, when making a press kit

There may be some things worth mentioning when creating a press kit. You do want to create a press kit as early as possible and provide it to as many interested journalists as you can. Ideally you want to have your press kit finished before your game launches, to give journalists time to playtest and write press. You want to think about what is important to journalists and how you can help them find what they are looking for. To do that you definitely want to have a clean looking press kit which is in chronological order. There are a few free press kit templates online, which you can use as a foundation. To get maximum visibility you can also add a link in the footer of your website forwarding to your press kit, apart from distributing it via email. You would also want a legal disclaimer for journalists, so they are in the clear about using your assets and a strong call to action - make clear how you can be contacted.


The best way to distribute your press kit is digital, via email, as PDF or on your website. You could even add it inside of your game. The most important part is to share it among the journalists on your press list.
Another option is to print it out and send it directly or to load it onto a USB-stick and bring it to networking events. 


Jaqueline Martin

Creative Director at Dark Paradigm Games. Educator and freelancer for 2D and 3D in the games industry.