A Spine-Chilling Mobile Experience!

Developing the Legions brand in collaboration with the Dark Paradigm Team has been a joyous adventure into the eerie and sinister world of evil.
Under my creative lead, the team of Dark Paradigm Games has created an appealing app for the Google Play Store in the span of 8 month!

Combining absorbing gameplay with a visionary world!

The player may explore the wonderfully macabre universe of Legions.
One of the key elements of the game includes the exploration inside of the beautifully designed hunting grounds. Each hunting ground comes with a different story and imagery. Unique creatures can be encountered, fought or tamed.

With each hunting trip the player gains experience, while surviving the hostile environment. Fighting other players and unexpectedly facing difficult scenarios with meaningful choices.

Creating an evil army has never been this fun!

Center of the Legions Masters game are the creatures. The player may collect all kinds of unique monstrosities to rise in the ranks of becoming an evil overlord.
Each creature comes with a set of expressions, conveyed through intricate animations, smileys and story elements. A perfect opportunity to bond with your favorite creature!

Feeding and caring for creatures has never been this captivating! Gain their loyalty by playing games with or against them. Train them and send them out on hunting trips. If you are lucky they may return with items or even new creatures! 
At the beginning of the game the player may pick an egg, which hatches into one of three starting creatures. Sageowl, Gnarl and Slimer. Each creature comes with a different type, benefitting the player in unique ways in his endevours.
Finding items and using them on creatures may boost their stats, giving the player a natural feeling of progression.

Legions Masters unique charme does not only come from its original art-style but also from unlocking story pieces to introduce the player to the history of the world and each creature residing in it.