Jaqueline Martin Illustration

Let your game stand out through art.

"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see." – Edgar Degas

I give form to your vision

Making a game can take a long time and be full of risks. Therefore, each project needs the right strategy. I help you turn your idea into reality.

Meet the Artist

Jaqueline Tatjana Martin

Living to connect the disciplines of art and science,
I am a creative, hands-on professional with expertise in graphic design, concept art and direction, as well as IT-project management.

As a Dark Souls and classic Final Fantasy enthusiast, I am fascinated by intricate gaming experiences with complex mechanics and a captivating atmosphere.

I can be quiet, but high-spirited when it comes to games and art. Combining a huge amount of motivation, a love of video games and a bachelor's degree in computer science.
For ten years I have been refining environments and characters to see how they fit cohesively. And I am bringing this experience with me to every project I am working on.
More than that, I pride myself on doing extensive research to exceed the expectations of my clients.

I am in love with the process of creating, and conceptualizing  emerging art and watch it come to life!